I believe that art represents a powerful tool through which complicated emotions and issues can be communicated to the world. For this reason I feel strangely empowered and liberated when I make an artwork. My own creative process varies according to the medium I chose for the creation of a specific artwork. Usually it starts with a lengthy process of concept development. During this phase I try to simplify visual coding either through choice of medium or the use of symbols. This is however a thin line to walk as an artist, because it is easy to fall in the trap of over simplifying complicated issues. If you are not careful you will lose the viewers attention. For this reason my work is multi-layered, seemingly simplistic, but if you dig beneath the surface multiple interpretations and understandings of the work will emerge depending on your own level of knowledge on the subject addressed. Often I make use of visual metaphors as a means through which to communicate my concept to the observer. In other words through combining seemingly unrelated objects or materials I try to explain new ideas about issues or emotions experienced by contemporary society to the viewer. The above mentioned process links with my own philosophy for the creation of a successful work of art. Art, in my view, must be understood by the viewer. It must be relevant within the context of contemporary society, and it must have a physical, lasting effect on the consciousness of the observer.

Many artists have influenced my work, but Joseph Beuys remains the one artist that influenced my vision as an artist through his concept of democratic art. Beuys believed that the creative process can change society. This belief greatly influenced me as a South African artist.

“The universe is transformation; our life is what our thoughts make it” (Marcus Aurelius)